CamCuts is a vinyl record cutting service, enabling you to have any music or sounds cut onto a vinyl record or picture disc. Vinyl records are very much back in style, but for the man on the street getting records pressed is way too expensive, with pressing plants needing a minimum order of 500 or so, plus due to the current resurgence of vinyl sales, most plants are tied up producing re-mastered releases of classic albums for the major labels. So if you just require a one-off or a short run of records, CamCuts is ideal. Each record is cut in real time, so (unlike pressed vinyl) has no imperfections.
Vinyl Record


By keeping overheads to a minimum, we keep prices low, but never provide anything less than top quality.


CamCuts is a partner of Loderunner Recording Studio, so if your audio requires any tweaking for the transfer to vinyl, the studio mastering facilities are on hand. Vinyl records have various audio limitations. On receiving your audio files we will inspect them to ensure that they are suitable for recording onto vinyl. There are many websites which will give you information to help you to provide suitable audio.

Get in touch using the contact form if you need more than a few records cutting, we can offer big discounts for bulk. We can also provide printed sleeves (260g/m² high quality photo paper) using your own artwork on request.


We now offer double-sided picture discs at affordable prices! Check the shop for more details.

You can choose from 3 record sizes, 7 inch, 10 inch or 12 inch. Each size has a limit on the length of audio that can be recorded, please check the panels below.

Prices include a polylined or antistatic inner sleeve, a plain white cardboard outer sleeve and FREE DELIVERY. If you’re not happy with your record then you can return it complete for a full refund.


How to create your vinyl record…

Step 1: Select your record size, vinyl colour and weight from the shop.

Step 2: Upload your tracks.

Step 3: Add the record to your cart.

Step 4: Apply any vouchers (eg the Facebook offer).

Step 5: Pay via PayPal (PayPal account is not required).

NB. Order on or before Weds 18th Dec for delivery before Christmas 2019.

Create Your Vinyl

7 inch (45 rpm)
1 track per side, max audio length 4:30 per side.
10 inch (45 rpm)
Up to 3 tracks per side, max audio length 8:00 per side.
12 inch (33 rpm)
Up to 5 tracks per side, max audio length 20:00 per side.
1.5mm thickness
1.5mm thickness is more than adequate for most purposes. At this thickness record weights are: 7″ – 50g, 10″ – 100g, 12″ – 150g
2mm thickness
2mm thickness gives a feel of top quality and makes the record more robust. At this thickness record weights are: 7″ – 60g, 12″ – 180g